Friday, 13 March 2015

Microsoft Windows 8.1 virtualization (VMware 10) on Linux Ubuntu 14.10 (HP probook 450 G0)

Developing C# ASP.NET MVC 5 on Linux?

The best way to developing MVC 5 on Linux for my situation is virtualization. Virtualized Windows in VMWare station is so fast, that you wouldn't notice any difference from real installation. There is no need to partitioning or dual boot just for develop on Visual Studio.

Other way to develop c# MVC is by using Mono Developing IDE which is open source and cross platform. At this moment Mono support only MVC 2, which in my case is not acceptable.

Prepare for installation
1. First you have to install VMWare Workstation 10 or higher for Linux.
2. Then you need to find Windows 8.1 installation image.
3. Here you can find official installation guide for Windows 8.1 from VMWare.
There is no need то hack like for Mac OS installation, just fallow the wizard and you will end up whit ready to start Microsoft Windows 8.1 .
I will strongly recommand you this Windows optimization giude. This will speedup your Windows 8.1 as hell. My Visual Studio IDE is starting only for 5 sec :)

Happy Linux c# .NET codding :)